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About Laceration Clinic

The Laceration Clinic is open 24 hours of the day to help repair any lacerations or cuts of you or your loved ones. The Laceration Clinic offers a safe option to have your laceration or cut repaired outside of the Emergency Room setting. All repairs are performed by the amazing Plastic Surgeons from The Oaks Plastic Surgery


Dr. Nandi Wijay - Plastic Surgeon

The Oaks Plastic Surgery

Dr. Danielle Andry - Plastic Surgeon

The Oaks Plastic Surgery


Why Laceration Clinic is Right for YOU!

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Pricing Made Simple



No repair is needed but full access to the physician for 4 weeks until injury is likely resolved


In-office laceration repair and wound washout.


Plastic Surgeon will come to your location to wash your wound and repair the laceration. (* Depends on location)


All pricing includes

4 weeks of follow up

Antibiotic prescription

Mild to Moderate Pain Medication

Prescription to any therapy needed

*After speaking with The Oaks Plastic Surgery, if the injury appears to be severe, we may recommend you to visit your local emergency room for further care.  No charge if The Oaks Plastic Surgery recommends Emergency Room Care.

*Insurance will only be used if the injury is worse than a laceration and your injury needs to be completed in the operating room (i.e broken bone, tendon injury, etc.)



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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: Open 24 hours a day

Saturday: Open 24 hours a day

Sunday: Open 24 hours a day

4306 Yoakum Blvd. Ste 520 Houston Texas 77006

832 - 900 - 7070